When you read “FDNY” (FDNY for Firefighters), what do you think? Perhaps you see the brave men and women of New York City firefighters putting out the fires and rescuing people. Or you imagine yourself in that same heroic role. You may even see yourself as one of those heroes, when you read this article and click on the link below.

What a beginning to the story of how the Firefighters Make A Startling Discovery. New York City, with a smoldering fire in their midst, is a place of chaos. The entire city is under the threat of a dangerous conflagration and fire. Knowing that another attack could engulf the entire city is frightening. When the smoke clears, it will be quite some time before another attack can be put in motion and this means a disaster for the city.

Firefighters make their way through the dense thickets of brush where the fire is worst. They are in a dangerous and fierce battle to save lives, often saving lives themselves. For some they have rescued many people. For others, it is just the beginning of a long standing career of saving others and making sure that every person is able to have a bright future because of the Rescue Company they choose to join.

One of the most inspiring and gratifying aspects of being a firefighter is the sense of purpose. It is a tremendous sense of purpose that lifts their soul and allows them to give of themselves in ways they never thought imaginable. The excitement and thrill of knowing that they are going to help someone else fight a fire, even if it is only in the hope that they can bring some small measure of relief to a family’s suffering, is a powerful motivation. In some cases, the rewards are great and there is a sense of achievement that is amazing.

Firefighters have rescued many people that would have otherwise ended up lost. The determination and strength they display when battling fire is impressive. Those who are chosen to be on a rescue crew are often given an added incentive when it comes to staying with the company through any period of time. Each rescue is made easier with the collective strength and commitment from each member of the crew. This is another reason why fire fighters make such a startling discovery.

It is important to note that this type of public service is not given for free. Firefighters risk their lives every day to protect the public. When you consider the fact that they risk their own safety and well being to save the lives of others, it becomes clearer as to why they deserve a financial boost for what they do. It is time for all Americans to stand up and support our fire fighters with donations and a tax credit.


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