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Esta parte do site é dedicada à divulgação de bandas de vanguarda, que por não pactuarem com a máquina infernal do show bizz e os trilhos da criatividade comercial, são votadas ao insucesso.
Extracto de Entrevista de Richard A. Kirk dada a Éric Létourneau no Canadá...clique aqui para ler tudo
Éric Létourneau: You know, I have the feeling that many artists from this new "techno culture" sometimes miss this point : there's a lack of humour and a lack also of critical distance between the product created by the people and the people themselves - I mean it's really like most of what we have been seeing during the festival, could be very esthetic but suffers from a lack of content . Sometimes, it is clearly empty and the intention is not clear at all.
Richard A. Kirk: There is no content. It is about what it's about, you know. I got sick in watching some of the films where I'm sick of seeing a DJ with the turntable and all this stuff, that's really to me not really interesting. I think the problem with a lot of modern music and like kind of laptop music that people do now is a) it doesn't seem to have any soul and then the other thing is, the best union is between man and machine... but I think a lot of these people are letting the machine do all the work and that's why it's empty. They don't put enough of themselves in there.
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